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Experience true wilderness like never before.

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge is an exquisitely designed conservation and wildlife focused lodge located close to the Satpura National park and Tiger Reserve. It features 12 luxury cottages encompassing 3 distinct structural designs, a cosy central meeting place called the Gol Ghar & a jungle pool located along its seasonal nullah. It's spread over 30 acres of striking forest cover typical of the Satpuras.

Rooms & Dinning

Individual cottages are located along Reni Pani's seasonal nallah (Nallah Units), in its forest (Forest Units) and at the top of the hill (Hill Units). There are six nallah units that are all located along the seasonal stream that runs through the lodge. Each nallah unit has a spacious deck with a brilliant view of the nallah and the forest. These rooms feature lavish bathrooms with running hot water and an outdoor shower.

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge


Accommodation at Reni Pani is blissful. 12 cottages with 3 distinct structural designs - the nullah units, forest units and hill units merge with the environment.

One with the Wild

This exquisitely designed conservation and wildlife focused lodge is defined by the high benchmarks in service & quality set by the Jehan Numa Group. Your personal butler takes care of your needs & will arrive at your cottage to escort you to dinner & guide you in the dark.

The porters, housekeepers, chefs, waiters are imbued with Jehan Numa courtesy & sense of service that never intrudes, but ensures you want for nothing.

Reni Pani mp


A magical experience. The Gol Ghar, a warm & uniquely designed hub with a central fireplace, is also the main dining area, bar & lounge. Other surprise venues will be used to enhance your experience.


Explore true wilderness like never before! Our naturalists will be at your service anytime to give guests some insight into local species and their behavior.

Popup Expeditions

Exclusive expeditions in search for rare wildlife moments