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Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura Tiger Reserve is an extremely rare example of true contemporary wilderness.

Satpura Tiger Reserve, an amalgamation of pachmarhi, Bori, and Madai Sanctuaries, is a unique and highly diverse biosphere reserve which is believed to be one of India's best kept secrets. This thick, dry-deciduous forest is characterized by hilly backdrops, gorgeous water bodies and a rather stunning blend of dramatic landscapes. Its ageless teak trees, pockets of bamboo, deep gorges and ravines are all the makings of a terrain where the tiger still reigns supreme. Apa0rt from tigers this expanse of dry deciduous forest covering an area over 1,500 square kilometres and is home to a number of species of animals. Leopards, Wild Dogs, Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Sambhar, Wild Boar, Cheetal and langoor are amongst the widely viewed animals here. The forest's true wilderness and limited exposure to human pressure have enabled it to host some rare Indian fauna including the Hyena, the Flying Squirrel and the porcupine. This extraordinary bio-system, which was once an exclusive game reserve for British Officers, is an extremely rare example of true contemporary wilderness.

Satpura Tiger Reserve is also a birdwatcher's paradise. The Denwa river, which flows into the tawa dam from the Northern periphery of the park, provides excellent feeding tanks for migratory birds. Abundant water holes and bird attracting trees within the park are home to numerous resident bird species. Due to the park's unexplored nature, enthusiasts are likely to spot rare bird species, some which were previously not known to have existed in the area. Apart from the rich blend of animals and birds, the Satpura Tiger Reserve has to offer some stunning topography. Deep gorges and ravines, beautiful nallahs, steep rocky hillocks and the rugged Satpura Range of Hills (which rarely cease to fill the background view), keep the most widely travelled patrons mesmerised at all times. Large parts of the Satpura Tiger Reserve are still unexplored and we invite you to come and join the path of discovery.